Do you want something made from your own fabrics or garments so that you really have something upcycled, unique & special?

archaeologist commission 009 shoulder bag modelled 013




The bag for an Archaeologist, in memory of an archaeologist.  This is a bag specially commissioned by an archaeologist based in Peru & London, and for very special reasons many items needed to be incorporated into the design.   The bag has to be tough and rugged for use in the field so waxed canvas cotton was used for the main body and ex sofa leather used to hold all the intricate and valuable tools.  Lastly, many personal items were included to make this a special special memorial. Read more about this touching commission here

imagebespoke bag made from leather jacketThe gap year bag. This was a jacket that was past it’s wearable best before date, it had travelled around the planet many years ago on a gap year and was loved like a member of her family but, although it wasn’t getting worn, there was no way it could have ever been thrown away.

So what’s a girl to do?  After the sweet wrappers and receipts were emptied out the jacket was re-crafted into a bespoke leather bag.  The pockets and buttons from the jacket were kept to keep the ‘look’ and then a wow! lining appropriate to the global travels the jacket has experienced was chosen and secure, brass fasteners added.   This bag will lead a long, loved life all over again.

Commissioned by a professional cameraman & Producer/Director after filming my work for the BBC, this Upcycled leather bag was made with special padding, custom pockets as well as some unique personal touches!

commissioned black and brass leather shoulder bag


The bag that waited. This was a very luxurious piece of pigskin leather that was personally tanned by the customer.  It had been saved for many years waiting for someone to turn it into the bag of her dreams.

Simply constructed with no lining, the interior is all French seams meaning no raw edges are visible.  Constructed with sturdy antique brass fixings and chunky zips and a simple flush front pocket added to the front.




The bag for the North Pole.  The rucksack below was a bigger project, the idea was to create a very tough, robust rucksack in a retro style using an old Scout tent made from waxed canvas and leather.  ragsto leather and canvas 036Pockets and brass attachment loops were added according to the customer’s specifications and the lining is a mixture of leather and rip-stop nylon with zipped interior pockets.  This rucksack has successfully voyaged to the Arctic Circle and back!




bespoke leather and skirt (6)The bag that used to be a sofa and a skirt.   An old leather sofa was at the end of it’s life but before it was discarded a piece just big enough for a bag was saved.  Combined with a favourite old skirt this shoulder bag was created for a customer, with brass fixings and custom specified length over the shoulder straps.





heatha clutch bag 001 heatha clutch bag 005 pile of leather

The bag rescued from the chainsaw.  A lovely deep red Chesterfield sofa was stuck in a loft conversion!  The only way to remove it was to cut the beautiful sofa in half, but before that happened the leather was salvaged and, together with a long, loved but deteriorating clutch bag and a new creation was upcycled from various fabrics.