About Neil Wragg

mfn series three (14)Born from a necessity to repair, re-fabricate or reinvent camping kit that kept falling apart Neil Wragg, the craftsman who makes all Ragsto Bags by hand,  has been sewing a long time.

‘We throw away far too much these days’, comments Neil Wragg, ‘when we could pause and be creative with our rubbish’.

“There is lots of ‘junk’ that needn’t be thrown away, I mean we could reuse that yoghurt pot as a vase, couldn’t we?  But who wants a house that looks like it’s full of rubbish?”me

“Ragsto Bags can use your junk but with skill & imagination can transform it into a product that turns heads!”

All the bags are made by Neil Wragg in his workshop in Marlow, Bucks, England.  Most bags
are made to order and others are special commissions.

As the awareness of Ragsto Bags builds so does people wanting to donate leather sofas, garments or old tents.  Even bicycle and car inner tubes are donated from the local businesses.

elite magazine featureNeil lives with his wife and two children in Marlow and mixes up sewing with Scouting, cycling, surfing, camping, whittling or fixing his old Land Rover!

BBC TV’s Money For Nothing program was an adventure!  After getting in touch through twitter the production company spent five days filming in the small workshop at Ragsto Bags premises in Marlow.
‘When the Director says “you won’t notice us, just do your normal thing and we will film you in the background”, then don’t believe him!’  You have to do your ‘normal thing’ several times, every time to make sure they have every angle covered!

Still it was a great experience and a tough challenge when presented with the tasks ragsto on tv 001they wanted.  Howmoney for nothing feb 2016 (1)ever, the results ‘blew away’ Sarah Moore the presenter of Money For Nothing when she was presented with her transformed junk for the programs.  Search iplayer.