Reindeer Hide Sami leather pouch


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sami pouch
Large & small in Reindeer hide

Sami PeopleInspired by the Sami people of Lapland this strong, leather pouch was typically used to carry coffee, spices and tinder.  We use several of these to do just the same every week, especially when visiting someone who you know will try to serve you instant coffee.

Some are for coffee, teabags and powdered milk whilst others are being used to transport the ingredients to make ‘bannock’, that essential camping food.  Other pouches are in use currently keeping our tinder dry.

They are also great organisers as customers are telling us they use them for keeping small stuff together in your handbag or luggage, everything from tampons to coins!Arctic Circle 548

They are very durable and light with the added benefit of compacting down to the size of whatever you are carrying, the approximate dimensions for the small size are 23cm (9 inches) x 11cm (4.33 inches) x 6cm (2.36 inches) and the large is 28cm (11 inches) x 18cm (7 inches) x 8cm (3 inches).

Comes with leather cord & brass toggle & a very soft, supple traditional reindeer hide.

Please note that the current stock of reindeer hide are much lighter than they look in these photos, this means they will get a used patina much more quickly.

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