The Sewing Artisan from BBC Televison – Bespoke, Exclusive Bags & Luggage Handmade in Marlow, England

Featuring on BBC Money For Nothing, Ragsto Bags are all handmade & ‘re-created’ not created.   Instead of seeing unwanted leather furniture, canvas tents, upholstery fabrics, leather jackets and even inner tubes from bicycles going into landfill sites they are skillfully upcycled into new lives as leather luggage & bags for travel, commute, work & leisure.  You wont believe their histories….

All Ragsto Bags are handcrafted in Marlow, England by BBC television’s expert bagmaker, Neil Wragg.

Commissions Don’t throw away your beloved sofa or leather jacket, it can be reloved as a handbag, laptop bag, commuter bag or luggage…

Watch Ragsto Bags’ Neil Wragg on BBC TV’s Money For Nothing. Every series he is the ‘sewing artisan’.  Called upon to turn some bizarre junk into some amazing and emotional items!
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