Blue Leather Tote Shopper

Blue Leather Tote Shopper

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Save money and the planet at the same time with the only truly beautiful 'bag for life'.

These shoppers from Ragsto Bags are all upcycled from unused upholstery leather & means you don't have to buy any more horrible plastic carrier bags that end up clogging our oceans.

Using end of roll or unwanted leather waste prevents it all from being shipped to China for disposal.

These simple shoppers have straps, long enough to loop over the shoulder, brass fasteners and open wide enough for big shopping trips, days out at the beach, festival or commute.

The fabric is ideal for bags as it is tough, resilient, holds itself upright and keeps the weather out when dumped on the ground.

Handmade in Marlow, England.  Built to last your lifetime and not a lifetime in landfill or being washed up on a beach.

Approx size is 14" tall by 10" wide and 6" deep.

Please be aware that although the leather is beautiful, it is reclaimed and saved from landfill so does have imperfections, these wont detract from the end result, in fact, they show their backstory and that you care.