Custom modular kayak bags
Custom modular kayak bags
Custom modular kayak bags
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This product is made to order, current waiting time is about 4 weeks.

Custom modular kayak bags

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This is the kayak, in its three pieces, which I want to store in two bags. One for the main cockpit piece, one for the two ends, put in as shown, with a separator between them. 


<headThis is how I want to place the bags in the car, one on top of the other (they must clip together for stability), on their side. 

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Measurements in centimetres 
194 long
52 wide
32 high 
186 long 
46 wide
32 high 
Exact measurements of the kayak parts 
Latitude cockpit 
50cm w 31 h 192 long 
40w 23h x 160 long 
46w x 29 h x 183 long 
Robust zip around three sides on the wide side, so the bag can be opened fully. The bags will be loaded on the ground on their wide side. 
Carry handle on each end, and one in the middle on top of the narrow side. The handles can just be a piece of wide tape. No need for fancy handles or shoulder straps. 
Connecting buckles 
And connector buckles (like buckles on rucksacks) to clip the two bags together - clipped on their narrow side! 
Diagonal divider 
The TWO ENDS bag needs a diagonal divider to run between the two pieces. In the bag of my friends, it is a padded divider which secures at each end of the bag with velcro. That seems to work well. 
I’m not sure how much more complicated / expensive it is to have a padded bag? Also the kayak may end up getting the bag damp and then it won’t dry easily? I’d like advice from you. I could just slip a long piece of gaper mat into the side of the bag for the kayaks to rest on. 
I would like the divider to be permanently padded. 

I don’t have a preference on colour so source the cheapest fabric. 
I’d like a slip pocket on one of the long narrow sides of each bag - that will be the side each bag rests on when stacked one on the top of the other. I’ll add foam to that. The rest can be no padding and no slip pocket.

Please be aware that although the leather is beautiful, it is reclaimed and saved from landfill so does have imperfections, these wont detract from the end result, in fact, they show their backstory and that you care.